Manufacturing Solutions

With an engineering-first approach, Tie Down places an emphasis on versatility, manufacturing products from safety and roofing to marine and manufactured housing industries and so much more. Our focus remains on continuous improvement, utilizing the latest technology to design and deliver the products you envision. Ranging from small replacement parts to industry-leading solutions, our products are developed from concept design to fulfillment capabilities within our USA facilities. Our investment in internal technology, including our state-of-the-art CNC and robotic welding equipment, empowers our highly experienced team of engineers, preventing limitations, especially when it comes to manufacturing technology. Subsequently, after over 55 years of influence, our six specialized product categories feature over 96 patents, each manufactured through the use of the most advanced equipment available.

 Cable Cutting

Catering to both high and low-volume needs, Tie Down offers precision cutting, measuring, spooling, and coiling services for an extensive selection of stainless-steel aircraft cable and industrial hardware solutions. Our advanced machines streamline production, yielding cost savings and improved workflow. We provide clear or custom-colored coatings for your cables, ensuring tailored solutions.  

 CNC Sheet Cutting

Tie Down employs cutting-edge sheet laser, fiber laser, and plasma cutters, ensuring top-notch product quality. Our industry-leading machinery guarantees unparalleled productivity and unwavering quality results. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment with features like ECO mode and fully automated waste removal systems, we actively minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprints. Tie Down's commitment to continual investment in machine capabilities not only enhances efficiency but also lowers running costs, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable and high-performance manufacturing.

 CNC Tube Cutting

Tie Down's production utilizes cutting-edge technology to optimize modularity and accessibility. Our team employs setup-free clamping systems and fully integrated automated production and packaging capabilities, effectively minimizing idle time, boosting productivity, and streamlining the manufacturing process.

 Injection Molding

Tie Down excels in diverse injection molding capabilities, leveraging our vertical integration for customer benefit. Our ability to custom mold and manufacture diverse products, coupled with decades of experience, enables competitive pricing. Operating up to 1100-ton molds, with shot cavities up to 11 lbs., we boast an industry-leading machine lineup for streamlined molding. Our injection molding equipment spans up to 1100 Ton machines, including Borche and Mitsubishi models for high-volume production. Continuous process improvements, such as a newly installed cooling system, enhance the efficiency of our injection molding machines, allowing for faster operations.

 Tie Down Welding

Tie Down excels in high-quality manual and robotic welding across various industries, adhering to your product specifications. Combining practical experience and engineering expertise, we specialize in producing repeatable parts for robotic welding, handling small parts up to 10,000 lbs. weldments. Our robotic welding systems offer speed, accuracy, and repeatability, enhancing productivity and consistency while minimizing rework. Utilizing advanced weld monitoring technology, including robotic welders capable of dimensional inspections, we employ adaptivity to ensure production consistency. With a resident certified weld instructor overseeing operations, we guarantee compliance with AWS standards.

 Tool + Die

Tie Down excels in the manufacture and maintenance of tools, dies, fixtures, and internally designed machines. Operating from our in-house tool and die shop in Atlanta, Georgia, our complete production capabilities cover the majority of our high-impact tools and machine fixtures. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our tool and die services are tailored for machining various materials with minimal tolerances. The flexibility of our technologies allows customization for intricate machining solutions, catering to the diverse needs of any industry. As a leading U.S. manufacturer, our tool and die capabilities seamlessly integrate with our high-volume production, accommodating projects of any scope. Collaborating with our team of engineers, the tool and die team ensures the highest quality products in the market, making Tie Down the trusted partner for manufacturing, whether for a single part or thousands of component parts.

 Tube Forming, Bending, + Folding

In the realm of forming, bending, and folding, Tie Down possesses the equipment and extensive expertise to successfully execute these tasks. Since the early 80s, we have continually expanded our capabilities, allowing us to now form steel plates up to 1 inch thick and up to 24 feet in length. Our substantial inventory of machinery equips us to tackle intricate bends with the capacity to fold materials up to 1/4 inch thick and 10 feet long.