innovation in manufactured Housing

Featuring everything from anchors and stabilizer plates to galvanized strapping and all necessary hardware, our manufactured housing division ensures stability and security through our products.

In an attempt to stick to our roots, Tie Down specializes in providing more stable and secure manufactured housing anchors. With ratings to accommodate soil conditions from Soil Class 1 to concrete and Wind Zones I to III, our earth anchors are tested to HUD Regulation 3280 to withstand a working load of 3,150 lbs. and ultimate load of 4,725 lbs. in their tested soil class. This ensures your home has the capability to withstand the elements.

From testing the soil with a Soil Test Probe to installing the anchor with an Electric Drive Machine, we guide you through the process of anchoring your home.

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Superior Performance Increase Productivity with Tie Down's EDM-20

Engineered to deliver superior performance for quick and efficient earth anchor installations, our Electric Drive Machine (EDM-20) is powered by a robust ½ HP motor operating at 20 RPM. Featuring a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) cord as a standard feature and 20% more torque, this indispensable tool for earth anchor projects guarantees a quieter and smoother operation. Its solid metal housing, sturdy tube, and stamped steel frame ensure durability and reliability, even in demanding environments. The forward and reverse switch offers easy maneuverability, and the 90-day limited warranty demonstrates our commitment to quality.

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