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Tie Down Engineering provides manufactured solutions on a wholesale basis. We do not sell direct.

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Ben Aron Roofing & Cable
404-344-0000 Ext. 1525

Ashley Ellison Roofing & Cable
404-344-0000 Ext. 1543

Knute Chauncey Manufactured Housing
404-344-0000 Ext. 1528

John Overmier Manufactured Housing
404-344-0000 Ext. 1542

Roy Segovia Marine & OEM Inside Account Manager
404-344-0000 Ext. 1538

Joey Bowling Industrial Laser Solutions
404-344-0000 Ext. 4024


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I buy axles directly from Tie Down Engineering?

No. TDE builds axles for OEM trailer manufacturers. We do have several trailer parts distributors that sell what they consider ‘stock” or common sizes. Should you need a replacement axle, contact your trailer manufacturer or a trailer parts supply company.

Is it necessary to tow a trailer level?

Yes, especially with multi axle trailers. Spring axles have some forgiveness with the equalizer between the springs. Torsion axles do not have this feature and towing an un-level torsion axle trailer places most or all of the trailer weight on one axle. This will lead to premature tire wear, loss of braking power and possible axle or trailer damage.

Technical Support

Axles, Brakes, Hubs and Related Gear:

Please Contact Dexter Customer Service (404) 477-6899 Ext 23997



For All other Technical Questions, Please Contact:

Denise Barber at 404-344-0000 Ext. 1526

General Contact

General Contact


605 Stonehill Dr. SW Atlanta, GA 30336

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