Made In The USA
Tie Down is proud to champion the American worker. We have worked hard for over 50 years to keep jobs in the United States, and we will continue that goal for the next 50. When customers buy American products, they strengthen America's independence.
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Cleaner, Greener, Better
Tie Down follows the latest U.S. standards that help guarantee cleaner and healthier manufacturing processes. Manufacturing facilities around the world generate tons of waste every year. At Tie Down, we work hard to maintain eco-friendly methods throughout our organization. Combating the wide range and high volume of waste presents significant challenges: our commitment to our customers, our customer's children, and grandchildren.
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Cost-Effectiveness By Design
The Tie Down approach to manufacturing allows us to attack cost at the point of origin and yield the most significant impact on product cost reduction. It also helps us better understand the cost tradeoffs of different concept designs in the Research and development stage. By evaluating multiple design alternatives and the proposed solutions to an engineering change order from a cost-efficiency perspective, we can produce a product that, more often than not, exceeds to customer's expectations.
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Ease of Use
At Tie Down, we believe that ease of use is one of the most important aspects of a product. Our goal is to simplify the users' jobs, and nothing accomplishes this goal better than creating an intuitive product.
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Product Innovation
With over 96 patents (and the number is growing), Tie Down engineers are innovating our products. Our goal for the last half-decade is to improve every product we touch. We solve our customer's problems through the design and quality of our manufacturing process. We improve every product's functionality, sustainability, user intuitiveness, and cost-effectiveness.
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The Tie Down

Engineering-First Philosophy

Quality Assurance

Obsessively passionate about designing, engineering, and manufacturing quality products that help improve the lives of our customers.


Superior products, enhanced applications, and cost-effectiveness by design. 

Improving the products people need.


Finding a better solution to a simple problem since 1969 with over 50 years of success.

Tie Down Features Six Divisions That Develop Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Tie Down engineering provides products for marine, mobile home, renewable energy, commercial and residential roofing, hardware, agricultural, and safety markets. Utilizing state of the art equipment, our team also has the experience to provide your business with contract manufacturing.

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Designed, engineered, and manufactured at our headquarters in the USA

What Makes Tie Down Different?

“Since 1985 Tie Down has always had in mind the respect of existing technology and security standards in the field of general constructions. The certificates that it has undertaken to get have a very important role for its organization and provide a further guarantee of efficiency for customers.”
Chuck Mackarvich

Chairman, Tie Down Engineering

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Appreciated by our Customers

Tie Down is obsessively passionate about designing, engineering, and manufacturing products that help improve the lives of our customers.

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