innovation for the roofing industry

Built to enforce fall protection, the Tie Down roofing division is designed to assist in simplifying tasks. Intended for everyday workers, these ladder accessories and roofing tools allow for both commercial and residential projects to be completed while maintaining safety. Ranging from ladder hoists and ladder stabilizers to residential roof anchors and shingle-removing tools, our roofing division excels in its promise to deliver reliable tools that prioritize both efficiency and safety. 

Our ladder stabilizers provide a secure foundation for your ladder, ensuring worry-free access to your roof. Once on the roof, our residential roof anchors offer a reliable connection, eliminating the risk of falls. If you need to lift materials to the roof, our ladder hoists, TranzVolt and TranzSporter, efficiently handle everything from solar panels to plywood and roofing shingles. Our extensive range of roofing tools includes shingle removers, Wedgie Pads, Spud Bars, and more. With our high-quality hardware, you can excel in any project you undertake, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with top-notch safety and efficiency.


Safety & Efficiency A Smoother, Safer Rooftop lifting system

The updated TranzVolt G2 surpasses previous models. With an extended two-year warranty, the TranzVolt G2 system is designed to withstand demanding job site conditions. This eco-friendly, cost-efficient product no longer requires fuel or oil. Further, it now utilizes an AmSteel-Blue high-performance, 12-strand single braid of 100% Dyneema® fiber cable, which has extremely low stretch, superior flex fatigue, and wear resistance. 

Available in both a roofing and solar tilt kit, this ladder hoist is a great tool for lifting materials, such as shingles, rolled goods, tools, and bulk roofing materials as well as solar panels, plywood, windows, and doors, in tight spots or when low-noise ordinances are being enforced. It carries material 44 ft. high at a rate of 2 ft. per second, reaching the height of a two-story building in under 25 seconds. Using two standard DeWalt Brand 20V batteries or Milwaukee Brand 18V rechargeable batteries, these kits lift up to 250 lbs. for eight hours.

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