CNC Tube Cutting

Tie Down High-Performance Manufacturing

Tie Down production utilizes the latest and most advanced technology to maximize modularity and accessibility capabilities. From setup free clamping systems to fully integrated automated production and packaging abilities, our team reduces idle time, increases productivity, and streamlines manufacturing.

Whether you need to  fully automate production lines or minimize material waste, Tie Down is your trusted partner!  See our full range of manufacturing capabilities today!

Tie Down CNC tube Cutting Machines
  • Trumpf 7000 Tube Laser, 8”x8” Max Square Size
  • Mitsubishi EX Sheet Laser, 5′ X 10′, 8000-Watt Res.
  • Mitsubishi EX Sheet Laser, 5 ‘x 10’, 6000-Watt Res.
  • Trumpf, 84” X 167”, 5000-Watt Fiber Sheet Laser
  • Mitsubishi LV-Plus Sheet Lasers, 5 ‘x 10′, 3500-Watt Res.Messer, 12′ X 32’, HD Dual Plasma Cutter with Beveling and Machining
  • Kinetic 10.75’ X 51’, HD Plasma Cutter With Beveling and Machining
Tie Down CNC tube Cutting Automation
  • Hydmech 30’ Powered Infeed Conveyor
  • Hydmech 20’ Powered Infeed Conveyor
  • Trumpf Fully Automated Sheet Handler