CNC Sheet Cutting

Tie Down High-Performance Manufacturing

Tie Down uses high-performance Sheet Laser, Fiber Laser, and Plasma cutters to provide the highest level of quality products available. With industry leading machinery Tie Down achieves unrivaled productivity and uncompromising quality results.

From our state-of-the-art machinery we are able to take manufacturing to an entirely new level.  We employ a full range of  machines with ECO mode that eliminates idling from resonators to fully automated waste removal systems, Tie Down works hard to minimize energy consumption.  Through our continual investment into  machine capabilities we are working hard to reduce carbon footprints.  Reducing CO2 emissions is just one of the ways we lower running costs.

Tie Down CNC Sheet Cutting Machines
  • Mitsubishi EX Sheet Laser, 5′ X 10′, 8000-Watt Res.
  • Mitsubishi EX Sheet Laser, 5 ‘x 10’, 6000-Watt Res.
  • Trumpf, 84” X 167”, 5000-Watt Fiber Sheet Laser with Automated Sheet Handler
  • Mitsubishi LV-Plus Sheet Lasers, 5 ‘x 10’, 3500-Watt Res.
  • Messer, 12′ X 32′, HD Dual Plasma Cutter with Beveling and Machining
  • Kinetic 10.75’ X 51’, HD Plasma Cutter with Beveling and Machining
Tie Down CNC Sheet Cutting Automation
  • Mitsubishi River System for Automated Sheet Storage
  • Handling for EX and EX Lasers
  • Trumpf Fully Automated Sheet Handling
  • Messer Plasma Automated Beveling
  • Kinetic Plasma Beveling and Machining