Tie Down Capabilities

Welding - Manual & Robotic

Tie Down delivers high quality manual and robotic welding no matter the industry and we deliver to your product specification. Combining practical experience and engineering expertise, we work to produce repeatable parts for robotic welding. With several decades of experience, our team can handle small parts up to 10,000 lbs. weldments.

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Robotic welding systems, such as those utilized here at Tie Down, provide speed, accuracy, and repeatability in many fabrication and manufacturing applications. These benefits can increase productivity and consistency while reducing rework. We use advanced weld monitoring technology such as robotic welders that are capable of dimensional inspections. We use adaptivity to control the consistency in production. With an resident expert on staff, our Certified Weld Instructor ensures we meet the AWS standards.

Capacity is not a problem here at Tie Down. We have over forty manual welding stations, all using inverter welding power sources and pulse arc weld process. In addition, we have over twenty robotic welding cells.

Each year, we use over 16MM feed of welding wire and over lay down over 2MM feet of welds.

Arc/Resistance Welding Processes