PX5 Multi-Plus Mobile Fall Protection System

PX5 Multi-Plus Mobile Fall Protection System

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• Lightweight and portable • For use on built-up, TPO, ISO, PVC, EPDM and concrete • Front locking tow handle • NEW! 45° safe working zone indicator • Forklift pockets • TS22 coated • Area footprint: 48” x 90” • Detachable ballast plates • Large fall arrest rings • Premium 500 lbs. flat-free tires (2,000 lbs total capacity) • Simple 2 pin installation • 8 ballast plates for concrete use • 4 vertical lifting rings • Meets compliance: OSHA 1926.502 • ANSI/ASSE Z359.6:2009(D) • Product weight: 1,078 lbs.


The PX5 Multi-Plus by Tie Down Safety is the simplest mobile fall protection cart for your concrete job site. This roof cart offers protection for up to four workers, two in fall arrest and two in fall restraint when used on concrete. Seven workers can be protected when used on a non-concrete surface, three in fall arrest, and two in fall restraint. The Multi-Plus comes with detachable ballast plates, which allow use on concrete. Customers can disengage the penetrator mechanism to tailor their approach for multiple applications. Reuse this lightweight safety cart even after fall arrest. The durable construction holds tear-off debris, decking materials, and other roofing materials when not in use. The Penetrator Multi-Plus’ 11-gauge steel tube handle, 30” x 72” (W x L) construction, and 18” heavy-duty flat-free tires make a durable roof cart for all your needs. This cart also features a dead-man brake, anti-turning pin, and 2,000 lbs. capacity. Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components made in the USA.

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Weight 1078 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 46 × 34 in


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