Tie Down 71057 5 x 7 Skylight Netting

Tie Down 71057 5 x 7 Skylight Netting

  • Item #: 71057

Product Description

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  • [EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION] Installing STS Screens is quick and easy. Connect them securely using 2 5/16 in. zinc-plated threaded rods on the skylight's short sides, locking them in place with 1 in. aluminum clips and ½ in. hex head screws.
  • [NON-PENETRATING DESIGN] These screens offer a non-intrusive solution that doesn't require alterations to the skylight's structure. This preserves the skylight's integrity while adding an essential safety feature.
  • [ROBUST CONSTRUCTION] STS Screens are built to last. They feature a sturdy build with screen material options, including 187 and .250 diameter 304 stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel wire in a 4 in. x 4 in. grid.
  • [COMPLIANCE ASSURANCE] These screens adhere to safety standards, meeting the requirements of OSHA 1910.29(e) and CAL-OSHA standards. This ensures that your workspace complies with regulations.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN] With a product weight of just 21 lbs., STS Screens are easy to handle and install without the need for heavy equipment.

Product Specs

  • Colorsilver
  • DivisionSafety