Tie Down 70812 SkyCage Pedestrian Base Post

Tie Down 70812 SkyCage Pedestrian Base Post

  • Item #: 70812

Product Description

The SkyCage System by Tie Down serves as perimeter protection or an alternative to a standard guardrail system. The SkyCage Pedestrian Base Post works with the SkyCage Pedestrian Base for pedestrian traffic control. The Post drops into the Base and the Panels secure to it. This post does not make a fall protection guardrail system unless used with the Universal Guardrail system, Gator base and an additional counter weighted system. This product works best in crowd control and traffic situations. Tie Down maintains high standards and quality controls using quality raw materials and component parts made in the USA.

  • [EASY AND QUICK INSTALLATION] The SkyCage Pedestrian Base ensures hassle-free installation, saving time and effort. With its user-friendly design, it can be easily set up and deployed, allowing for efficient implementation and adjustment as needed.
  • [WALKWAY MANAGEMENT AND BARRIER PROTECTION] Offering the best in walkway management and barrier protection, the SkyCage Pedestrian Base helps create defined pathways, designate restricted areas, and provide a clear separation between pedestrians and potential hazards.
  • Works with the Base (#70811)
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE] Despite its strength and durability, the SkyCage Pedestrian Base is designed to be lightweight and portable. Weighing only 8 lbs., it offers convenient handling and transportation, making it suitable for temporary setups and projects requiring mobility.
  • [RELIABLE AND SECURE] When utilizing the SkyCage Pedestrian Base, you can trust its reliability and effectiveness. With its sturdy construction and robust design, it provides a secure and stable foundation for the SkyCage system, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety.
  • [HIGH STANDARDS AND QUALITY CONTROL] The SkyCage Pedestrian Base is crafted using premium raw materials and component parts, ensuring durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance. Made in the USA, it represents a commitment to excellence.

Product Specs

  • ColorYellow
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionSafety
  • Height (in.)5.00
  • Length (in.)41.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)5.00
  • Width (in.)1.66

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