Tie Down 71782 Universal Guardrail Stack Rack Kit (11) 7.5 ft. Rails, (12) Bases

Tie Down 71782 Universal Guardrail Stack Rack Kit (11) 7.5 ft. Rails, (12) Bases

  • Item #: 71782

Product Description

Tie Down embraces the forefront of design, engineering, and manufacturing ingenuity. The Universal Guardrail Stack Rack Kit reduces freight costs and arrives at the job site ready to go. The Stack Rack Kit holds 11 Universal Guardrails and Bases with a reinforced metal rack. That is 110 linear feet of guardrail protection! Guardrails stack perfectly for either side loading for a flat bed or end loading for a closed trailer. The Stack Rack's metal frame allows three bundles of guardrails to be stacked 3 high. Tie Down can ship more linear feet per truckload than any other company. Tie Down maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components made in the USA.

  • [COMPREHENSIVE FALL PROTECTION] This kit includes 11 guardrails and 12 bases, stretching 110 linear feet. This kit complies with OSHA standards, providing an all-encompassing safety solution for your workplace.
  • [EXCEPTIONALLY LIGHTWEIGHT] Weighing only 40% of what most competitors offer, this kit is significantly lighter, making transportation and installation easier without sacrificing durability. This kit weighs in approximately at 33 lbs. per guardrail, 58 lbs. per base, and 40 lbs. per pallet.
  • [STACKABLE DESIGN] The bases are designed to stack efficiently, making them easy to transport in either a flat bed or end loading for a closed trailer, store, and deploy. The bases stack three at a time, reducing shipping costs and simplifying storage.
  • [UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT] The Universal Guardrail in this kit is designed to give workers unparalleled freedom of movement. Unlike active fall protection systems, it doesn't require harnesses or lanyards, allowing workers to perform tasks efficiently and safely.

Product Specs

  • ColorYellow
  • DivisionSafety
  • Height (in.)20.00
  • Length (in.)120.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)1076.00
  • Width (in.)42.00