Tie Down Juggernaut Kit - Yellow With Casters & 22-10 Ft. Guardrails - 23 Quick Set Bases Part ID: 70894C

Tie Down Juggernaut Kit - Yellow With Casters & 22-10 Ft. Guardrails - 23 Quick Set Bases Part ID: 70894C

  • Item #: 70894C

Product Description

Tie Down's Juggernaut is a robust and innovative passive fall protection system designed for optimal safety on the job site. This mobile guardrail cart features a heavy-duty Mobile Transport Cart capable of storing up to 220 linear feet of Tie Down's Universal Guardrail. Its double-stacking capability provides added convenience, making it suitable for those with space limitations. The Juggernaut is available in two finishes, including Tie Down's proprietary Plascoat finish for enhanced durability or a galvanized finish. For easy maneuverability and relocation, the system includes forklift pockets on both ends and lifting rings that enable lifting with a crane. With its versatility and sturdy construction, the Juggernaut ensures a reliable and efficient solution for passive fall protection in various work environments.

  • [COMPREHENSIVE FALL PROTECTION] The Juggernaut is a passive fall protection system, providing a 220 linear ft. safety barrier to safeguard workers on rooftops and elevated work areas. Is versatility makes it suitable for a range of applications where passive fall protection is essential.
  • [ENHANCED MOBILITY] Featuring a heavy-duty Mobile Transport Cart, the Juggernaut is designed for easy movement and storage, allowing for quick deployment and relocation based on job site requirements.
  • [SPACE-EFFICIENT DESIGN] With double-stacking capabilities, the Juggernaut maximizes space efficiency, making it an ideal choice for job sites with limited space, ensuring both safety and practicality.
  • [DURABLE FINISH OPTIONS] Choose between Tie Down's proprietary Plascoat finish or a galvanized finish for superior durability, corrosion resistance, and an extended service life.
  • [VERSATILE LIFTING OPTIONS] Equipped with forklift pockets on both ends and lifting rings, the Juggernaut provides multiple options for lifting and transportation, ensuring ease of handling on the job site.
  • [QUICK DEPLOYMENT] The system is designed for easy and quick assembly, allowing for rapid deployment and setup on various job sites, enhancing overall productivity.

Product Specs

  • ColorYellow
  • ComplianceOSHA 1910.29 & 1926.502
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionSafety
  • Warranty1-Year Limited