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Product Part Approval Process

At Tie Down, the Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) represents the foundation of confidence for the manufacturing process of components. We maintain our highest level of quality control with PPAP, whether it be for a product we manufacture ourselves or for one of our valued customers.

Investing in our equipment allows Tie Down the opportunity to produce components for our fellow American manufacturers. While much component production outsources overseas, we ruled the rising cost of freight and long lead times as reason to bring component part manufacturing back to the United States. We reinforce this opportunity by investing in the equipment, training, and personnel to produce the highest level of quality that our customers demand and expect.

PPAP, in its simplest definition, is a process that confirms that the manufacturer understands the design specifications and requirements.

Tie Down’s Quality Manager, Chris Bell, is “the guy” for ensuring the components represent the requirements exactly. Achieving this goal means Chris and his team use several options. The most frequently used option is the Brown and Sharpe Global CMM, or coordinate measuring machine.

The programming in the CMM device measures aspects of physical objects. These machines detect non-conformities from a part print, or a CAD modeled part. With this high-tech equipment, Chris guarantees Tie Down manufactures at precise levels and duplicates this precision with every production run, regardless of scale.

“It does depend on the product, but we are used to running a PPAP,” says Chris Bell. “The process is a collection of data that will verify to the customer that our production process will produce the quality product they expect. Having the equipment is critical. It allows us to be so precise. This equipment is also beneficial for innovation, or improving parts, something we do for our customers. We can also reverse engineer almost anything.” 

PPAP and other state-of-the-art equipment allow Tie Down to check quality control consistently and constantly. It also allows us the ability to spot errors if something goes wrong with a component. Last year, a customer brought Chris Bell a component from another company that failed in the field. Because Tie Down knew the piece and the specifications, we tested it. After the part moved through PPAP and the Brown and Sharpe CMM, Chris Bell realized the design could improve. So that is what Tie Down did. This innovation represents an asset for customers and a specialty that Tie Down offers.

Tie Down manufactures thousands of components for several industries. Regardless of the part you need or the industry sector you serve, Tie Down always accepts challenges and improves what they produce. While innovation is the passion, Tie Down accomplishes these visions using PPAP and the proper equipment.

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