Tie Down 13720 Anchor Roof Peak Strap
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Tie Down 13720 Anchor Roof Peak Strap

  • Item #: 13720

Product Description

Enhance safety with the Tie Down Shuttle Roof Anchor, a versatile and reusable fall protection solution designed for residential rooftops. Ideal for both construction and maintenance personnel, this robust anchor provides a secure anchor point on wood structures, ensuring maximum protection for those working at height. Easy to install and compliant with OSHA regulations, the Shuttle Roof Anchor is an essential addition to any fall protection system.

  • [RESIDENTIAL FALL PROTECTION] Designed for residential use, this Roof Anchor offers a reliable anchor point for individuals working at height on wood structures. Perfect for construction and maintenance personnel, providing targeted fall protection on residential rooftops where fall hazards exist.
  • [COMPREHENSIVE FALL PROTECTION PLAN] This strap is a crucial component of a comprehensive fall protection plan, providing both fall arrest and fall restraint capabilities for one person.
  • [PERSONAL FALL ARREST SYSTEM (PFAS) INTEGRATION] This strap integrates with a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). This includes an anchorage point and a full-body harness with a connecting device, such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting device attached to the harness's D-ring.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] Installing the Roof Anchor is straightforward, with all necessary fasteners, including twelve 16d nails and six 1/4” x 2-1/2” lag bolts, provided. The anchor installs securely on wood structures, engaging trusses or rafters, and meets all applicable OSHA 1926.502 regulations.
  • [TEMPORARY AND REUSABLE] Its durable construction allows for repeated use, provided no fall arrest forces have occurred, and it passes inspection. Choose this roof anchor as a cost-effective solution for ongoing roofing projects.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionRoofing
  • Length (in.)25.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited

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