TranzPorter 60043 TP400 Platform Hoist Lifan
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TranzPorter 60043 TP400 Platform Hoist Lifan

  • Item #: 60043

Product Description

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  • [ENHANCED SAFETY FEATURES] The TranzPorter prioritizes worker safety by eliminating the need for manual lifting. With user-friendly foot pedal and handle brake controls, the hoist offers precise and safe operation. The integrated safety mechanisms prevent falls, providing a secure work environment.
  • [COLLAPSIBLE CARRIAGE DESIGN] The new collapsible carriage design enhances convenience, featuring cam followers for improved tracking. The aluminum deck and flap contribute to lightweight durability, ensuring efficient and easy use.
  • [MARKET-LEADING DURABILITY] Recognized as a best-in-class product, the TranzPorter ladder hoist is engineered for durability. It stands out in the market due to its robust construction, ensuring long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions.
  • [VERSATILE APPLICATIONS] Ideal for various materials, including shingles, felt, and insulation, the TP400 TranzPorter is a versatile solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas. Its optional track extension allows for a maximum height of 44 ft., catering to diverse roofing scenarios.
  • [MULTIPLE MOTOR OPTIONS] The TranzPorter is available with three motor options—Lifan gas engine, Honda gas engine, or electric motor. This flexibility allows users to choose the power source that best suits their preferences and job requirements.
  • [ROBUST LIFTING PERFORMANCE] The TP400 TranzPorter is designed to excel in lifting heavy materials, with a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. at once, reaching heights of up to 28 feet. This makes it a reliable choice for efficiently transporting shingles and other materials to elevated areas.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver/Black
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionRoofing
  • Height (in.)48.00
  • Length (in.)40.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)350.00
  • Width (in.)48.00