40673 Milwaukee Power Box Kit for TranzVolt

40673 Milwaukee Power Box Kit for TranzVolt

  • Item #: 40673

Product Description

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  • [ECO-FRIENDLY ELECTRIC OPERATION] The TranzVolt Power Box operates entirely on battery power, eliminating the need for fuel or oil. This eco-friendly feature not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures clean, quiet, and efficient performance in various work environments.
  • [BATTERY COMPATIBILITY] Designed for user convenience, this power box requires either (2) DeWalt Brand 20V or Milwaukee Brand 18V batteries (not included). This flexibility allows users to leverage existing battery systems they may already have, reducing additional equipment costs.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE] Weighing in at just 33 lbs., the TranzVolt Power Box is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to carry and transport between job sites. Its compact design enhances mobility, providing users with a versatile and portable lifting solution for various applications.
  • [IMPRESSIVE LIFTING SPEED] With a lifting speed of 2 ft. per second, this power box delivers efficient and rapid vertical movement. This speed enhances productivity, allowing users to complete lifting tasks swiftly and effectively.
  • [HIGH LIFTING CAPACITY] Despite its compact size, the TranzVolt Power Box boasts a substantial lifting capacity of 250 lbs. This impressive capability makes it suitable for a wide range of lifting applications, providing users with reliable performance for various tasks.
  • [TWO-YEAR WARRANTY] Tie Down stands behind the durability and performance of the TranzVolt Power Box by offering a two-year warranty. This warranty provides users with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected for an extended period.

Product Specs

  • DivisionRoofing
  • Height (in.)14.50
  • Length (in.)29.25
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)35.00
  • Width (in.)8.00