TranzPorter 70833 Ladder Safety Legs, Pack of 1
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TranzPorter 70833 Ladder Safety Legs, Pack of 1

  • Item #: 70833

Product Description

The Ladder Safety Legs by Tie Down Engineering provides stability at the base of ladders. A worker adjusts the right and left legs independently to accommodate uneven ground. Falls from portable ladders, whether extension ladders, step ladders, roof ladder, wall ladder, adjustable ladder, or combination ladders, act as one of the leading causes of injury in residential spaces. This product significantly reduces the risk of your ladder shifting out of place. When additional safety is needed in the form of a extension ladder stabilizer or another portable ladder stabilizer, choose the Ladder Safety Legs for a more secure job site. Tie Down Engineering maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components made in the USA.

  • [VERSATILE APPLICATION] The Ladder Safety Legs can be attached to most ladders, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of ladder types and sizes. These safety legs offer an extra layer of stability to ensure a secure and reliable setup on the job site.
  • [NON-INTRUSIVE DESIGN] Designed for easy installation, it does not require any penetration or modification of the ladders. This non-intrusive ladder extension allows users to maintain the ladders' original integrity and functionality while adding an essential safety component for improved stability.
  • [DURABLE CONSTRUCTION] Constructed from zinc-plated steel, the Ladder Safety Legs are built to withstand the rigors of regular use in demanding work environments. Their robust steel construction ensure long-lasting durability, providing a reliable ladder stabilizer and safety solution.
  • [SECURE ATTACHMENT] The Ladder Safety Legs come with a steel ratchet and nylon straps that securely fasten the legs to the ladders. This reliable attachment system ensures a tight and secure fit, further enhancing the stability and overall safety of the ladder during use.
  • [ENHANCED GRIP] The ladder safety legs feature rubber feet that provide an extra grip on various surfaces. These rubber feet prevent the ladders from sliding or shifting, even on slippery or uneven ground, further enhancing stability and reducing the risk of accidents caused by ladder movement.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE] Despite their sturdy construction, the Ladder Safety Legs are designed to be lightweight ladder accessories, weighing only 11 lbs. This lightweight nature makes them easy to handle and transport, allowing for convenient portability and use across different job sites.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlack
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionRoofing
  • Height (in.)3.00
  • Length (in.)24.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)16.00
  • Width (in.)15.00

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