TranzPorter 10039A Honda Gas Engine Assembly 4.0 HP

TranzPorter 10039A Honda Gas Engine Assembly 4.0 HP

  • Item #: 10039A

Product Description

Tie Down's Honda Gas Engine Assembly is engineered for exceptional performance and reliability. This fuel-efficient engine combines high output with smooth and quiet operation due to an overhead valve and precision camshaft design. Its precision-engineered components minimize vibrations, ensuring a smooth and stable power source. The engine's large-capacity multi-chamber exhaust system keeps noise to a minimum. Built for proven reliability, it includes features like low oil shutdown, a cast iron cylinder sleeve, and high-quality materials. It's CARB and EPA certified, meeting stringent environmental standards while delivering power you can trust.

  • [FUEL EFFICIENCY] The engine's overhead valve and precision camshaft design provide optimal valve timing, resulting in fuel-efficient operation, saving you money on fuel costs.
  • [SMOOTH PERFORMANCE] Precision-engineered components not only boost efficiency but also reduce vibration. This translates to smoother operation and less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • [QUIET OPERATION] With a large-capacity multi-chamber exhaust system, this engine is exceptionally quiet. You can work comfortably without excessive noise.
  • [PROVEN RELIABILITY] Designed for long-lasting performance, this engine features a cast iron cylinder sleeve and other high-quality materials, ensuring it can handle tough tasks without breaking a sweat.
  • [SAFETY FEATURES] The engine comes with a low oil shutdown feature, providing an added layer of safety by protecting the engine from damage due to low oil levels.
  • [ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE] It's both CARB and EPA certified, meaning it meets strict environmental standards, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable work environment.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlack
  • DivisionRoofing
  • Warranty1-Year Limited

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