Quality Control Equipment

Tie Down Quality Assurance

Tie Down offers diverse construction and building solutions for almost any industry. Our team is always glad to resolve unconventional and unique tasks. We always take challenges head on and bring them to a conclusion with uncompromising solutions.

For over 50 years, Tie Down continues to invest in high quality machinery designed to allow us total control over our quality assurance audits.

With such diversity in our production capabilities, it’s vital we can produce high quality products consistently, within tolerances, and maintain dependability. With products being supplied to the likes of NASA, Uber, and Carrier, there is no room for error. Our products help better the lives of our customers and maintaining their confidence in the products they purchase from Tie Down.

Our commitment to quality consists 3D measurements of tubing, cable wire, fenders and much more.  Our quality team uses a rigorous process before sending anything from the production lines to our trucks. At Tie Down quality control is a science, we don’t guess, and we don’t take chances.  See our full list of QC Products that we integrate into our processes where everything is Tie Down Tested!

Tie Down Quality Control Equipment
  • Aicon Tube Inspect Photogrammetry Machine
  • Brown & Sharpe CMM, 70”x141” Bed
  • Sheffield CMM, 38”x65” Bed
  • Virtek Laser QC Module
  • Salt Spray Weather Testing Machine
  • UV Light Testing Machine
  • GO / NO Go output indicator shows all areas in or out of tolerance.
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