Production Machining

Tie Down Capabilities

Production Machining

Tie Down Production Machining has a full line CNC Stamping, Presses, and Punches to customize just about any part.  Whether you need us to make a custom fender, or high-volume production runs, Tie Down can manufacture it here!

Tie Down High-Performance Machining

Tie Down High-Performance machinery uses advanced Multi-Tasking machine like Mazak Integrex and Haas VF 5 Axis CNC Mills.  Each of our machines deliver maximum versatility for medium complex parts and designs. Our lineup of Dual Turn Machines is fully integrated with automation and paired with factory gantry loaders.  Smaller manufacturers can’t compete with our enhanced production and 24/7 operation capabilities.

Our Crimping and Stamping presses range from 33 Tons to over 220 tons and we utilize these machines to produce some of our most intriguing products.  A big part of what we do relies on consistency and efficiency which means we work hard to stay ahead of the competition. To stay competitive in the market we fully believe in only using the best tools for the application.  We continuously search for ways to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and make better products.

Tie Down Machining Equipment
  • Mazak Integrex I-200ST 5 Axis CNC Lathe with Live Tooling and Dual Spindles
  • Mazak Quickturn 20 CNC Lathe with Live Tooling
  • Mazak Palletech Horizontal 4 Axis CNC Mill with Automated Tombstone Pallet Changer
  • Haas VF-5 3-Axis CNC Mill
  • Makino 3-Axis Vertical CNC Mill with Automated Pallet Changer
  • Aida Stamping Presses 100 Ton to 220 Ton
  • Finn Power 33 Ton, 4′ X 8′ Table
Tie Down Machine Fender Production
  • 6 Dedicated Fender Stamping Machine
  • 6 Dedicated Press Brakes
  • 5 Dedicated Fender Rolling Machines