Tie Down 48716 4 in. Black Bow Roller

Tie Down 48716 4 in. Black Bow Roller

  • Item #: 48716

Product Description

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  • [ENHANCED BOAT PROTECTION] With Tie Down's Bow Rollers, you can ensure that your boat doesn't scrape against bolts or the roller bracket, minimizing potential damage and maintaining the integrity of your boat's hull.
  • [IMPROVED BOAT ALIGNMENT] The bow rollers are designed to help center the boat on the trailer, preventing bow-to-bow stand contact and ensuring proper alignment during loading and unloading.
  • [OPTIMAL WEIGHT SUPPORT] Designed to support the weight of the boat on the trailer, these bow rollers are built to withstand the load and absorb road shock, providing a secure and stable transportation experience.
  • [CUSHIONED STOP] The bow rollers act as a cushioned stop for the boat's bow, reducing impact and minimizing the risk of damage to both the boat and the trailer.
  • [RELIABLE AND FUNCTIONAL] Think of Tie Down's Bow Rollers as a fancy bumper that not only adds a stylish touch to your boat trailer but also serves as a crucial component for safe and secure boat transportation.
  • [REPLACEMENT PART] Tie Down's Bow Rollers is the perfect replacement part for your boat trailer's warped or distorted bow roller. Designed with functionality and durability, these bow rollers provide essential support and protection for your boat during trailer transport.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlack
  • DivisionOEM Trailer Parts
  • Warranty1-Year Limited