Tie Down 44011 18 in. Bunk Stiffener

Tie Down 44011 18 in. Bunk Stiffener

  • Item #: 44011

Product Description

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  • [DURABLE CONSTRUCTION] Tie Down's Bunk Stiffening Bar is crafted from high-quality 8-gauge galvanized steel, ensuring exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This robust construction provides reliable support for boat hulls, enhancing their stability and longevity.
  • [ENHANCED HULL SUPPORT] Designed to add hull support to boat trailers, the Bunk Stiffening Bar helps distribute weight evenly across the bunk, reducing stress and preventing damage during transportation and storage. It provides added stability and protection for boats of various sizes and shapes.
  • [SECURE MOUNTING SYSTEM] The Bunk Stiffening Bar is designed for easy installation using a pivot weldment and height bolster bracket (brackets not included). This secure mounting system ensures a stable and secure connection to the trailer frame, providing peace of mind during transit.
  • [VERSATILE LENGTH OPTIONS] Available in both 18 in. and 30 in. lengths, the Bunk Stiffening Bar offers versatility to accommodate different trailer configurations and boat sizes. Users can choose the appropriate length based on their specific needs and requirements.
  • [GALVANIZED STEEL CONSTRUCTION] Constructed from galvanized steel, the Bunk Stiffening Bar offers superior protection against rust, corrosion, and other environmental factors. This durable finish ensures long-lasting performance, extending the lifespan of the bar and enhancing its reliability.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionOEM Trailer Parts
  • Warranty1-Year Limited