Tie Down 44939 CBL DOG TIE OUT HD 1/8-3/16 RED 10FT

Tie Down 44939 CBL DOG TIE OUT HD 1/8-3/16 RED 10FT

  • Item #: 44939

Product Description

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  • [SINGLE STYLE FOR ONE WHEEL] The Fender is designed in a single style, specifically intended for use with one wheel. This configuration enhances stability and coverage, providing comprehensive protection for various trailers or vehicles.
  • [CONSISTENT RADIUS ON BOTH SIDES] Featuring the same radius on both sides, this fender ensures uniformity and symmetry in its design. This consistent radius contributes to a balanced and polished appearance, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a harmonious look for their trailer.
  • [OPTIMAL SIZE] Measuring 10 in. x 32 in. x 16 in., this fender is the ideal size for a variety of trailers and utility vehicles.
  • [STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION] The Fender is built with an aluminum tread featuring a .080 thickness, ensuring durability and resilience. This construction material provides reliable protection against wear and tear, making the fender a long-lasting and cost-effective choice for users.
  • [UNIVERSAL MOUNTING] With no pre-drilled mounting holes, the Fender offers universal compatibility and flexibility in installation. Users can customize the placement of the fender according to their specific trailer or vehicle requirements, ensuring a personalized and secure fit.
  • [VERSATILE APPLICATION] Suitable for a variety of trailers and utility vehicles, Tie Down's Fender is a versatile accessory. Its tandem style, stylish design, and sturdy construction make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to enhance the functionality of their trailers or utility vehicles.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionOEM Trailer Parts
  • Height (in.)16.00
  • Length (in.)32.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Width (in.)10.00