Tie Down 86323 1/2-13 X 2.06 X 4.75 Square U-Bolt Kit

Tie Down 86323 1/2-13 X 2.06 X 4.75 Square U-Bolt Kit

  • Item #: 86323

Product Description

Available in both Zinc-plated and Galvanized options, Tie Down's U-Bolts Kits offer exceptional corrosion resistance, ensuring your trailer remains in top-notch condition. The Zinc-plated U-Bolts come with flat washers and nyloc nuts, providing a secure fit while preventing rusting. On the other hand, the Hot Dip Galvanized coating offers added protection against rust buildup, and the kit includes flat washers, lock washers, and nuts for easy installation. Choose from various rod widths to ensure a perfect fit for your specific trailer needs. Whether you need individual U-Bolts or pairs, Tie Down's U-Bolts Kits have got you covered.

  • [SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE] These U-Bolts provide excellent resistance against rust, preventing corrosion and maintaining the longevity of your trailer components.
  • [PREMIUM MOUNTING SOLUTION] Tie Down's U-Bolts Kits offer a premium and reliable mounting solution for your trailer brackets, ensuring a secure and stable setup.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] Each U-Bolts Kit comes complete with all the necessary hardware, including flat washers and nyloc nuts for zinc-plated and flat washers, lock washers, and nuts for galvanized, making installation hassle-free and saving you valuable time.
  • [SQUARE OR ROUND SHAPE] Whether you have a square or round trailer frame, Tie Down's U-Bolts Kits offer both shape options for seamless integration and a clean appearance.
  • [IDEAL FOR ANY TRAILER TYPE] Designed for universal compatibility, these U-Bolts Kits are suitable for various trailer types, from utility trailers to boat trailers, ensuring a versatile solution for all your towing needs.

Product Specs

  • DivisionMarine
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)86323.00