Tie Down 26418 3/4 in. welded Commercial Grade Male Outside Corner

Tie Down 26418 3/4 in. welded Commercial Grade Male Outside Corner

  • Item #: 26418

Product Description

Our versatile male outside corner allows you to effortlessly create a seamless and secure connection between dock sections. Simply combine it with a female outside corner to achieve an uninterrupted surface that enhances your dock's overall stability and appearance. The joint between the male and female outside corners is reinforced with a 3/4 in. bolt set or connector pin, ensuring a strong and reliable attachment. With legs measuring 10 in. x 5 in., our male outside corner offers superior support and stability for your docks. Its sturdy construction and robust design provide the necessary strength to withstand various loads and environmental factors, ensuring a durable and long-lasting dock system. Our male outside corner is meticulously engineered to meet the highest performance standards. Every detail, from its dimensions to its materials, is carefully crafted to deliver optimal functionality and reliability.

  • [CORROSION RESISTANCE] Built with high-quality materials, the Outside Corner/Male is engineered to resist corrosion, making it ideal for saltwater environments. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging marine conditions.
  • [VERSATILE DOCK SOLUTION] Whether you have a residential dock, a commercial marina, or any other dock configuration, the Outside Corner/Male offers versatility and adaptability. It can be seamlessly integrated into various dock systems, providing a reliable connection between dock sections.
  • [SUPPORT AND STRENGTH] With each leg measuring 10 in. by 5 in., the Outside Corner/Male offers substantial support and strength, ensuring the durability and stability of your dock. Its robust design ensures a stable foundation, allowing your dock to withstand heavy loads and various forces.
  • [SECURE CONNECTION] The Outside Corner/Male plays a crucial role in creating a secure and stable connection between dock sections. By using a 3/4-inch bolt set or connector pin, you can ensure a strong joint that enhances the structural integrity of your dock system.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] The Outside Corner/Male is designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly and efficiently connect dock sections. Its user-friendly design simplifies the assembly process, saving you time and effort.
  • [SEAMLESS INTEGRATION] The Outside Corner/Male seamlessly integrates with other Tie Down dock components, including the Outside Corner/Female, enabling you to create a comprehensive and reliable dock system.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionMarine
  • Height (in.)5.00
  • Length (in.)12.75
  • Prop 65 ChemicalNickel (Metallic)
  • Prop 65 Warning CopyWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)8.70
  • Width (in.)10.25