Tie Down 2M58SA Concrete Expansion Bolt Only
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Tie Down 2M58SA Concrete Expansion Bolt Only

  • Item #: 2M58SA

Product Description

Tie Down's Concrete Expansion Bolt package includes one high-quality concrete expansion bolt, expertly designed to streamline your anchoring process. At a convenient size of 3-in. by ?-in., this expansion bolt plays a pivotal role in conjunction with both double head and single head anchors. When paired with these anchors, it efficiently bolts the expansion sleeve into existing concrete, ensuring a stable and dependable attachment. One of its key advantages lies in its adaptability to already poured concrete. This means that even after concrete has set, you can enhance its structural integrity by utilizing the Concrete Expansion Bolt in tandem with appropriate anchors.

  • [OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS] Measuring 3 in. by ? in., this expansion bolt offers a balanced size that ensures strong and reliable attachment.
  • [POST-POUR VERSATILITY] Unlike traditional methods, this expansion bolt is specifically designed to be used with cured concrete, allowing you to bolster the structural integrity of your concrete structures even after they have been set.
  • [SINGLE BOLT CONVENIENCE] Each package includes a single concrete expansion bolt, providing a focused and efficient solution for your anchoring needs.
  • [VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY] Engineered to complement both double head and single head anchors, the Concrete Expansion Bolt seamlessly integrates into your existing anchoring systems.
  • [SECURE ANCHORING SOLUTION] Enhance the stability of your structures with Tie Down's Concrete Expansion Bolt, designed to securely anchor expansion sleeves into cured concrete surfaces.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlack
  • DivisionManufactured Housing
  • Warranty1-Year Limited