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Product Description

A comprehensive solution designed to ensure the security and stability of your tanks in various conditions, Tie Down's Oil & Propane Ground Tank Anchoring Kit features 4 robust galvanized anchors strategically strapped around the tank's four corners. The included vinyl sheath prevents any friction between the strap and the tank, safeguarding the integrity of your tank.  Engineered to withstand the forces of nature, the Oil & Propane Ground Tank Anchoring Kit acts as a steadfast barrier against tank displacement during storms. The kit includes essential components for a robust anchoring system. It comprises four 48-inch shafts with a 6-in. helix, galvanized for durability. Additionally, the package features four slotted strapping bolts with nuts, 15 feet of 1-1/2-inch vinyl sheathing to prevent any tank-to-strap contact damage, and 37 feet of 1-1/4-inch x .035 G-120 galvanized strap. The strap, graded as class B, ensures a reliable anchoring setup.

  • [GALVANIZED ANCHORS FOR DURABILITY] The kit includes four 48-inch shafts with 6-inch helix galvanized anchors. This ensures long-lasting strength and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing the security of your tanks for years to come.
  • [VINYL SHEATH FOR TANK PRESERVATION] The innovative vinyl sheathing included in the kit prevents any potential damage caused by direct contact between the tank and the anchoring strap. This protective layer maintains the condition and appearance of your tanks.
  • [SECURE STRAPPING MECHANISM] The kit's four slotted strapping bolts with nuts provide a secure and reliable strapping mechanism, ensuring the tanks are firmly anchored in place.
  • [AMPLE STRAP LENGTH FOR VERSATILITY] With 37 feet of 1-1/4-in. x .035 G-120 Galvanized strap included, the kit offers ample length for various tank sizes and installation configurations, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  • [GRADE 1, CLASS B QUALITY] The provided strap, graded as class B, ensures exceptional strength and performance. It's engineered to withstand significant forces, ensuring the stability of your tanks in challenging conditions.
  • [COMPLETE KIT FOR EASY INSTALLATION] Tie Down's kit comes complete with all necessary components, including the anchors, strapping bolts, vinyl sheathing, and galvanized strap. This comprehensive package streamlines the installation process for your convenience.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionManufactured Housing
  • Height (EA)4.50
  • Length (EA)32.50
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (EA)7.00
  • Width (EA)7.75

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