Tie Down 59081L Anchor Dbl Hd (Mi2h5/8)Galv- Retail Pkg

Tie Down 59081L Anchor Dbl Hd (Mi2h5/8)Galv- Retail Pkg

  • Item #: 59081L

Product Description

Tie Down's Iron Root Double Head Manufactured Home Earth Anchors are expertly designed to deliver exceptional anchoring performance, specifically tailored for uplift and frame tie applications. Featuring a double-headed configuration, these anchors ensure robust attachment for both sidewall and I-beam connections. This innovative design opens doors to a variety of strapping and attachment options, including slotted bolts. The double-headed nature of these anchors facilitates the use of two bolts, enhancing their structural integrity. The plates are positioned in front of the Iron Root anchors, making them ideal for frame attachment in wind zones 2 and 3, providing reliable security against lateral forces. This design offers remarkable versatility across different wind zones, offering the necessary adaptability to varying conditions. With a 6 in. or 7 in. helix, these anchors are engineered to provide optimal grip and stability in the soil. They are specifically engineered for use within soil classes 4A and 4B, ensuring a dependable anchoring solution for various ground conditions.

  • [ENHANCED UPLIFT AND FRAME TIE SOLUTION] Tie Down's Iron Root Double Head Earth Anchors offer a powerful and versatile solution for both uplift and frame tie applications. The double-headed design ensures secure attachment to both sidewall and I-beam connections.
  • [VARIETY OF ATTACHMENT OPTIONS] These anchors are designed with flexibility in mind. They can be used with various attachment methods, including strapping and slotted bolts. This adaptability allows for customization to suit specific project requirements, ensuring a reliable and tailored solution.
  • [DOUBLE-HEADED STRENGTH] The double-headed configuration of these anchors brings a significant advantage. By accommodating two bolts, these anchors provide increased structural strength and stability. This feature is particularly beneficial for wind zone 2 and 3 applications.
  • [OPTIMAL HELIX DESIGN] Featuring a 6 in. or 7 in. helix, these anchors are engineered to penetrate the soil effectively, offering superior grip and anchoring performance. This design maximizes their ability to withstand uplift forces and maintain secure attachment.
  • [TAILORED FOR SOIL CLASSES 4A AND 4B] The Iron Root Double Head Anchors are specifically designed for soil classes 4A and 4B. This targeted approach ensures that they are optimized for these soil conditions, providing consistent and reliable anchoring performance.

Product Specs

  • ColorSilver
  • DivisionManufactured Housing
  • Warranty1-Year Limited