Tie Down EFPS - Edge Fall Protection System

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Tie Down EFPS - Edge Fall Protection System

The Tie Down Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS) is the newest innovation of perimeter rail systems. Protect your workers from leading edge fall hazards safely and efficiently. Upgrade your commercial passive fall protection system with the EFPS.


Are you looking for the newest evolution of edge fall protection?

The Edge Fall Protection System, EFPS, guarantees leading edge safety.

Employees on working surfaces require protection from falling over the leading edge or running into fall hazards. When a personal fall arrest system or fall restraint system is not desired, choose a perimeter fall protection plan that reaches floor to ceiling and protects more than the unprotected edge.

The easy-to-use accessories and features, like the corner return bracket and double stack feature, guarantee additional safety. This brand-new fall protection perimeter safety system offers you an improved solution without the hassle or complications.

This perimeter safety system is not your ordinary guardrail system. We offer three different kits that meet your job site needs.

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Double Stack Feature:

Is your job site in a high wind area? Do you want an additional layer of protection for your employees? The Tie Down EFPS features double stacking, which meets OSHA 1926, ANSI A10, and CSA standards.  

Quick Inspect Indicator – Proper Installation Verification

Sometimes you need more than an instruction sheet. There’s no scratching your head when you install the EFPS. The red safety indicator warns you of improper installation, so you are 100% confident on the job.