Maxilator 14725W Modified Pallet Fork

Maxilator 14725W Modified Pallet Fork

  • Item #: 14725W

Product Description

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  • [HEAVY-DUTY DURABILITY] The Maxilator Pallet Fork Frame is constructed from robust steel, ensuring a long-lasting tool that can handle the toughest material handling tasks.
  • [BOOST PRODUCTIVITY] From farms and factories to warehouses and construction sites, this indispensable tool enhances efficiency and productivity in diverse work environments.
  • [COMPLETE SOLUTION] Your purchase includes one pallet fork frame, providing a comprehensive solution to simplify your material handling needs.
  • [OPTIMAL SIZE] This pallet fork frame strikes the right balance between size and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

Product Specs

  • DivisionAgriculture
  • Warranty1-Year Limited