MXE-NM Maxilator Accumagrapple, No Mount
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MXE-NM Maxilator Accumagrapple, No Mount

  • Item #: MXE-NM

Product Description

The Maxilator Accumagrapple is a versatile and efficient hay-handling solution that revolutionizes how you handle bales. Its compact and ergonomic design offers a convenient working height for effortless operation. This equipment features an impressive 28 hooks, providing ample capacity for collecting and transporting 10 bales with ease. Whether you need to gather hay from the field, load it onto a trailer or truck, or unload and reload hay into your barn, the Maxilator Accumagrapple handles it all. Maxilator by Tie Down offers versatility with multiple attachment models to accommodate whichever equipment you have at your disposal, including tractors, front-end loaders, as well as a no-mount worksaver compatible model. This MXE-NM Model is designed for a no-mount worksaver..

  • [MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKFORCE] With the ability to handle up to 10 bales simultaneously, you can make the most of your available labor and keep your operation running smoothly.
  • [SECURE HANDLING] Featuring an impressive 28 hooks, this attachment is ready for serious baling. It ensures a secure grip on every bale, minimizing the risk of dropped or lost hay.
  • [FITS YOUR EQUIPMENT] With its Universal Skid Steer Mounting, the Accumagrapple can seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment. Whether you have a tractor or front-end loader, this attachment is designed to work with what you already own.
  • [VERSATILITY UNLEASHED] This attachment transforms from a bale accumulator to a grapple, giving you even more options and capabilities in one tool.
  • [HEAVY LIFTING MADE EASY] The Accumagrapple simplifies the process of lifting and loading bales onto your trucks or trailers, making it a one-person job.

Product Specs

  • ColorRed/Black
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionAgriculture
  • Height (in.)89.00
  • Length (in.)102.00
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)850.00
  • Width (in.)40.00