Tie Down Engineering

This world-class metal fabrication company is privately owned and conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to an engineering-first philosophy and continuous investments in technology, there’s essentially no fabrication project too large or complex.

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Engineering Heritage

In 1969 a devastating hurricane forced the state of Florida to look for a better solution to anchor down manufactured houses. Chuck MacKarvich found the answer, and Tie Down Manufacturing was born in his garage.

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Over 80 patents and 7,000 products later, Chuck continues to lead one of America’s leading contract and custom manufacturers. Today, Tie Down Engineering operates with the same tenacity, commitment to excellence and customer service that launched this journey almost 50 years ago.


The state-of-the-art Tie Down Complex is made up of 10 different manufacturing facilities, covering over half a million square feet.

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Chuck MacKarvich

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