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What Makes Tie Down Different? Our Capabilties

Engineering Excellence

At Tie Down, innovation begins with our in-house engineers. They design products tailored to address your project challenges, prioritizing quality control to surpass industry standards like OSHA and HUD Code. This commitment ensures reliability and excellence throughout your project journey.


Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Empowered by evolving technologies, our capabilities know no bounds. Utilizing advanced processes, from CNC cutting to robotic welding, we produce innovative solutions. Rigorous testing follows production, guaranteeing durability and reliability for every product shipped to your job site.

Seamless Operations and Advancing Warehouses

Tie Down operates within its nine warehouses in Atlanta, GA, handling logistics, customer service, marketing, and more from our corporate office. Our in-house approach sets us apart, allowing us to engineer solutions within the USA. As one of America's largest family-owned manufacturing companies, we take pride in our continual evolution and commitment to production excellence.

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WebRail WebRail System's Impact on Major Construction Projects

Explore the revolutionary world of construction safety with our latest video featuring the WebRail Portable Fall Arrest & Tensioned Guardrail System. Watch as the system is seamlessly integrated into a massive 18,000 square-foot construction project on a high-rise building. Hear firsthand from the general superintendent of JT Wimsatt about how the WebRail system significantly reduced setup times—from two days to just two hours—across nine floors, utilizing 700 lineal feet of WebRail per floor. Discover how this dual-function system not only enhances edge protection but also provides robust fall protection, supporting up to four workers simultaneously. Thanks to its simple takedown process and the customized support from Tie Down, the WebRail system is setting new standards in construction safety. Experience how our cutting-edge technology is changing the game for construction professionals everywhere.
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