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Covid Response CDC and OSHA Compliant Portable Wash Stations

Tie Down is now offering a full line of portable wash sinks to help customers maintain clean hands as recommended by the CDC. As we look to reduce the spread of Covid-19, keeping hands clean is an essential element in winning the fight. These sinks are industrial grade and will hold up to the harsh job site environments. With 240 washes per hour, these sinks are ideal for large construction and industrial sites, office buildings, municipalities, public gathers, virtually any location that has a large group of people who need to wash their hands throughout the workday consistently. Tie Down manufactures portable wash stations that are compliant with CDC hand washing guidelines. The Tie Down portable wash sinks are ideal for large groups of people including jobsites, industrial facilities, factories, schools, hospitals, public events, parks, and much more.  

Keep workers and families safer following the CDC recommendations for washing hands before and after using the restroom, before and after lunch, sharing of tools, before returning to your car, and coming from your personal or work vehicle, etc…. Remember, the 20-second rule!

  • Touchless faucets and towel dispensers
  • Stainless steel and galvanized parts
  • 240 washes per hour
  • Optional hot water heater available
  • Quick ship 48hrs
  • Sets up in minutes


Tiedown is your trusted partner

Tie Down manufacturers a number of solutions in our state of the art factory based in Atlanta, GA. We produce a variety of mobile fall arrest systems as well as large array of guardrail systems. Our guardrail systems provide simple and easy-to-use leading edge fall protection for a variety of applications, including rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, access platforms, gangways, and loading docks just to name a few. From free-standing safety railing systems to permanent installations, Tie Down guardrail can keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance with all OSHA fall protection regulations.

At Tie Down, we manufacture fall protection solutions that can be trusted by you and your employees. Our systems are manufactured here in the U.S.A. It is our mission to provide those responsible for security and safety with reliable fall protection equipment.

The guardrail that is manufactured by Tie Down has a number of advantages when compared to other forms of fall protection. Guardrail solutions are often less expensive than an engineered fall arrest system, and installation is fast and easy. All of the guardrails manufactured by Tie Down are very easy to use. Unlike other forms of fall protection that require workers to wear body harnesses and connect to the system via a SRL or shock absorbing lanyard, your workers are protected from the moment they set foot on your roof. Using OSHA compliant guardrail will save you time on training and annual recertification costs as required by ANSI and OSHA standards. Whether you need portable guardrail for a rooftop application, or a permanently attached guardrail system, the safety experts at Tie Down can recommend a safety railing system to meet your needs and budget.

Whether you need a guardrail system or other fall arrest solutions, Tie Down is your trusted partner.

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