Tranzporter Wall Jack

ALSIPERCHA fall protection

The ALSIPERCHA and related equipment is designed to provide portable fall protection for workers subjected to fall hazards during leading edge construction.  A safety system, especially useful for PERIMETERS. 

The system provides fall protection while installing: boards, safety handrails, gallows-type safety nets, form work risers and all activities involved in form work assembly where there is risk of falling from a height. Easy to assemble and use, does not require external installers

  • Allows the operator to work safely covering an area of 1345.49 ft.2 and move within a radius of 18 ft. around the vertical boom.
  • Inverted “L” shaped metal structure measuring 8′-2” long and 14′-1” high (11′-5” when attached to the column).
  • Metal structure weighing 177 lbs. made of high-quality steel.
  • Housing steel tube of 3’ height.

Part # 13891

Engineered according to ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.1standards.

ALuPERCHA fall protection

Personal overhead fall protection system designed to be installed by hand. An industry leading product that protects workers against falls from heights. Specially useful for perimeters and during the decking of horizontal form work.

Thanks to the lightweight design (just 42 lbs), the Alupercha can be installed easily and fast without the need of a crane. Quick and easy set up reduces costs and time!

An Efficient overhead fall protection system for use during form-work decking process, installation of guardrails, gallows type safety nets, form-work risers, and all formwork assembly activities. Use for all work that entails the risk of falling from heights. System can be carried out in an entirely safe manner. With an easy and simple assembly process, it can be installed by a competent person.

Fully compatible with all the Alsipercha
accessory products


Part 13914 Alupercha Fall Arrest System

Wall Jack

TranzSporter Wall Jacks are designed to safely and efficiently lift preformed walls into a vertical position. Constructed of heavy-duty zinc plated*, steel tubing. TranzSporter Wall Jacks are available in 16′, 20′ and 23′ lengths (sold in pairs). After lifting walls, use the TranzSporter Wall Brace to secure the wall in the vertical position. Wall braces are adjustable and sold individually.

A pair of TranzSporter Wall Jacks raises walls in minutes! 

  • Wall Jacks can safely lift sheathed walls up to 70’ long!
  • New and improved telescoping Wall Jack Design
  • Square tubing is stronger and easier to use than round tube models
  • Replaceable wall jack floor plate, no more costly lower tube replacement
  • Spring loaded wall stop, with plastic covered handle grip
  • Easy replacement of cable assembly and pulley

Part #48581     16′ Wall Jack
Part #48582     20′ Wall Jack
Part #48583     23′ Wall Jack*

Adjustable Wall Brace
Save time and money using TranzSporter Adjustable Wall Brace
instead of bracing with lumber. The 10’ adjustable brace uses a
heavy-duty, 1” zinc plated steel square tube. The head has a 12”
long 3/4” diameter fast turn screw and foot has a smooth action
360 degree swiveling bracket with no wobble. Just a few turns
of the wrist and the wall is plumb.
Part #48580

Wall Jack Replacement Parts

TranzSporter Wall Jacks by Tie Down Engineering are designed toeasily lift prefabricated walls into a vertical position. Each individual 16’Wall Jack is capable of lifting 1,000 lbs with a maximum wall height of 10’6”. TranzSporter Wall Jacks are also available in a 20’ and 23’ model.

The maximum weight capacity for the 20’ and 23’ models is 500 lbs (pereach jack); the 20’ model can lift a wall with a height of 13’ 6’ while the23’ model can lift a 15’ 6” wall. TranzSporter Wall Jacks are sold in pairs.Each Wall Jack comes with a lower tube and an upper tube, whichtelescopes out making carrying to and from job sites more convenient. Apin is used to hold these tubes in a lifting position.


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