Tool & Die

Tie Down High-Performance Tool & Die

Tie Down High-Performance Tool has the ability to Manufacture and Maintain Tools, Dies, Fixtures, Internally Designed Machines. Our complete Tool and Die Production capabilities produces almost all of our high impact tools and machine fixtures at our in-house tool and die shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our tool and die services use only the highest level of technology required to machine and manufacture a large variety of materials with very small tolerances. Our production lines employ the flexibility of our tool and die technologies can be customized and applied to very complex machining solutions. As a leading manufacturer in the United States, our tool and die capabilities complement our high-volume production to serve virtually any industry.

Tie Down is able to produce  projects of any scope.  From prototypes, small batch runs, to large production orders, Tie Down’s versatility relies heavily on our tool and die shop. Our Tool & Die team is very capable and works with our team of engineers to provide the highest quality products in the market today!  Whether you need  one part or thousands of component parts, Tie Down is your trusted partner for manufacturing!

Tie Down Tool & Die Equipment
  • Mitsubishi 3-Axis CNC Mills
  • Haas TL-2 2-Axis Lathe
  • Wire EDM Machine, 5-Axis
  • Sinker EDM Machine, 3-Axis
  • Bridgeport-style 3-Axis Manual Milling Machines with Auto Feed and DRO
  • Horizontal 3-Axis Milling Machine
  • Manual Lathe
  • Radial Drill Press
  • Automated and Manual Precision Grinding Machines
  • Heat Treat Ovens (With Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine)