SuperSteps (3 Module)

SuperSteps (3 Module)

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• Reduces freight costs by 50% • Eliminates the risk of ladders • Self-leveling • Use at pitch angle – from 30° to 50° • Fully adjustable • Auto-fold side rails up to 24’ 1” • Frame and Kit stack up to 3 modules • 48” x 140” small footprint • Weight rated for 1,100 lbs. • Easy three-person installation • OSHA Compliant • Product weight: Frame 250 lbs., Module 140 lbs. each


Tie Down Safety’s Super Steps Portable Stair System provides a safer alternative for ladders on job sites. The Super Step is faster and safer than ladders when workers require reliable access between project floors. Super Steps replace traditional wooden worksite steps or standard ladders. They are easier to set up, easier to inspect, fully adjustable and can be used in any location on the job site. The Super Step arrives on the job site, ready to use right out of the box. The 48” x 140” frame holds up to three modules and can be stacked three high when in transit or being stored. The best quality is the Super Steps mobility and quick setup. The Super Steps can move from one location to another and be set up quickly. Once it is in position, the Super Steps eliminate the need to build and maintain temporary ladders. The Super Steps comes with auto-fold side rails and is 100% OSHA compliant. Workers, safety specialists, insurance companies, and building owners embrace this convenient and highly functional option for ladders. It is the preferred best practice when moving workers between project floors.

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Weight 670 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 140 × 42 in


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