Alsipercha Overhead Fall Arrest Post for Reduced Spaces

Alsipercha Overhead Fall Arrest Post for Reduced Spaces

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The Alsipercha Overhead Fall Arrest System Post for Reduced Space by Tie Down Safety offers a special application that allows the Alsipercha System to work in areas with limited space. This product also works in permanently affixed areas where access is required frequently. The Alsipercha Reduced Space Post features heavy-duty steel construction and reduced dimensions of a base, making it a perfect complement to the Alsipercha and Alupercha portable overhead fall protection systems. The overhead fall protection system is considered a “best in class” and “best practice” for both construction and industrial applications. For additional mobility, attach the Securail Pro in spans of 20’ or more. This portable overhead fall protection system works in multiple situations like loading and unloading trailers or trucks. The patented design features an energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transferred to both the end user and structure. The system’s design provides portable overhead fall protection when job sites cannot install permanent systems or need mobile fall protections. Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components.

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Weight 355 lbs
Dimensions 98 × 14 × 256 in


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