160 Ft. Securail Pro Vll

160 Ft. Securail Pro Vll

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• Shock absorber system • Easy mounting • No specialty tools required • Smooth trolley operation • Multiple configurations for secure ladder exit • Trolley locks in fall arrest • Stainless steel and aluminum system • Fall arrest forces only transmit between two brackets around the fall area • Eliminates deflection Low impact force transferred to end user Includes the cable guide Meets compliance: OSHA 1926 Subpart M; ANSI Z359.16 Product weights: 20 lbs.


OSHA’s recent updates to their standards for fixed ladders aim for reduced ladder-related injuries and deaths, a leading cause across all industries. Tie Down Safety’s Securail Pro offers an out-of-the-box fall arrest system and rigid lifeline that secures access to the roof and attaches to different types of ladders. The product clamps onto the ladder rungs while a trolley, fitted with an energy absorber, locks immediately in the case of a fall. This adaptable and flexible system features stainless steel cables. Insert or remove the opening glider at any point with a twin safety mechanism. The Securail Pro’s design offers an easy and quick solution that complies with the fixed ladder standard by OSHA. This system offers multiple lengths ranging from 20’ to 160’. No special tools are required for this simple installation. The stainless-steel cable runs from the aluminum top to the bottom, which mounts directly to the ladder. Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components.

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Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 48 × 12 in


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