Tie Down 70829 Universal Base Replacement Rubber Feet

Tie Down 70829 Universal Base Replacement Rubber Feet

  • Item #: 70829

Product Description

Tie Down's Replacement Rubber Feet provide a convenient solution for maintaining the integrity of your Universal Bases. Designed specifically for use with universal bases, they act as protective buffers, preventing the base from rubbing against or scratching the roof surface. This not only ensures the longevity of your fall protection equipment but also contributes to the safeguarding of the rooftop environment. Easy to install and replace, these rubber feet offer a cost-effective way to maintain the performance and safety features of your fall protection system.

  • [UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY] Tailored for use with universal bases, these rubber feet are designed to seamlessly integrate with Tie Down's fall protection equipment, ensuring compatibility and easy replacement.
  • [SURFACE PROTECTION] Safeguard your roof against abrasions and scratches. These rubber feet act as a protective barrier, preventing the base from causing any damage during use.
  • [EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION] The replacement process is quick and straightforward, allowing for easy installation by your maintenance or safety team.
  • [ENHANCED LONGEVITY] By regularly replacing worn-out or damaged rubber feet, you contribute to the extended lifespan of your fall protection system, maintaining its effectiveness and safety features.

Product Specs

  • ColorBlack
  • DivisionSafety
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)0.07