Tie Down 39008 44.3 in. x 62.8 in. x 56 in.  BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform
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Tie Down 39008 44.3 in. x 62.8 in. x 56 in. BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform

  • Item #: 39008

Product Description

The Tie Down BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform prioritizes safety, making it the ideal solution for various overhead work applications. Designed to meet workplace safety requirements, this work platform is perfect for environments such as warehouses, farms, and workshops where traditional ladder use may be challenging, unsafe, or impractical. With its secure attachment to forklift forks using two safety pins, you can trust that the work platform will remain stable and reliable throughout your tasks. Safety is further enhanced by the compatibility with fall arrest anchorages, ensuring a secure environment for up to two workers or with a remarkable 1,000-pound capacity. The slip-resistant flooring of the work platform ensures stability and traction, minimizing the risk of accidents or falls while working at elevated heights. Convenience is key, as the BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform can easily be disassembled for efficient storage and transportation, providing flexibility and versatility for your workspace.

  • [SAFETY] Ensure safety during overhead work with Tie Down's BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform, specially designed to meet workplace safety requirements in warehouses, farms, and workshops.
  • [CONVENIENCE] Enjoy convenient storage and transportation as the BreezeThru Forklift Work Platform easily breaks down for compact storage and effortless portability, providing flexibility and convenience for your workspace.
  • [SLIP RESISTANT] Experience stability and traction with slip-resistant flooring, reducing the risk of slips and falls while working on the platform.
  • [FALL ARREST] Comply with safety regulations by using fall arrest anchorages suitable for two workers or with a 1,000-pound capacity, offering a secure environment for elevated tasks.
  • [ONE OR TWO-PERSON OPERATION] Stay safe when using fall arrest anchorages by rating the forklifts for loads greater than 6,000 pounds for single-person operation or 11,000 pounds for 2 person operation.
  • [PEACE OF MIND] Achieve peace of mind with a work platform that securely attaches to forklift forks using two safety pins, ensuring stability and preventing accidental detachment.

Product Specs

  • ColorYellow
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • DivisionSafety
  • Height (in.)44.30
  • Length (in.)62.80
  • Warranty1-Year Limited
  • Weight (lbs.)225.00
  • Width (in.)56.00

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