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Tie Down Sustainability Update

Many people in manufacturing recognize the term “green manufacturing.” This process is not new but has gained more popularity due to the more obtainable benefits of eco-friendly manufacturing. Tie Down’s leadership now implements several changes and updates to meet “green manufacturing” in the manufacturing processes and procedures.

This production process allows less pollution while reducing overall production waste. Some refer to this process as the “greening” of manufacturing. The reduction of pollution and waste through recycling and reusing materials to reduce emissions represents a noble goal for many manufacturers, including Tie Down.

Green manufacturing provides both environmental and financial benefits. Knowing where waste comes from allows manufacturers the power to make those processes as efficient as possible, with the goal of reducing waste and costs. Tie Down works hard to track down the waste produced throughout the facilities.

When a manufacturer cannot identify how much waste accumulates, they cannot identify the steps to reduce it.

Because Tie Down primarily manufacturers metal, our heavy focus on recycling and reusing waste materials allows a reduced footprint. The processes now in place collect, reuse, and recycle all scrap materials. The designated storage bins provide once a week recycling, which represents just one effort in place for sustainability.

Tie Down’s adaptation to eco-friendly manufacturing supports environmental efforts and protection. These efforts yield additional benefits, as well. Selling scrap helps improve the bottom line by boosting employee morale and demonstrating a greater social responsibility.

Implementing sustainable practices represents a goal Tie Down cares about achieving and continuing. We consider our processes clean and lean, and we plan to explore strategies for improving process lines, efficiently using materials, and eliminating waste.

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