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Tie Down manufacturers a number of solutions in our state of the art factory based in Atlanta, GA. We produce a variety of mobile fall arrest systems as well as large array of guardrail systems.

Our guardrail systems provide simple and easy-to-use leading edge fall protection for a variety of applications, including rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, access platforms, gangways, and loading docks just to name a few. From free-standing safety railing systems to permanent installations, Tie Down guardrail can keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance with all OSHA fall protection regulations.

Tiedown is your trusted partner

At Tie Down, we manufacture fall protection solutions that can be trusted by you and your employees. Our systems are manufactured here in the U.S.A. It is our mission to provide those responsible for security and safety with reliable fall protection equipment.

The guardrail that is manufactured by Tie Down has a number of advantages when compared to other forms of fall protection. Guardrail solutions are often less expensive than an engineered fall arrest system, and installation is fast and easy. All of the guardrails manufactured by Tie Down are very easy to use. Unlike other forms of fall protection that require workers to wear body harnesses and connect to the system via a SRL or shock absorbing lanyard, your workers are protected from the moment they set foot on your roof. Using OSHA compliant guardrail will save you time on training and annual recertification costs as required by ANSI and OSHA standards. Whether you need portable guardrail for a rooftop application, or a permanently attached guardrail system, the safety experts at Tie Down can recommend a safety railing system to meet your needs and budget.

Whether you need a guardrail system or other fall arrest solutions, Tie Down is your trusted partner.

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Frequently asked questions

No, we only sell through our distributor network. Please contact your local supplier for purchasing or pricing.

The Lifan engine has the GEAR prefilled, do not add (already preloaded with 2.5 oz of oil). The crank case case is empty, fill with 20 oz or .6L of 10W-30. The Honda engine is different, there is NO oil in either gear of crank case. Refer to manual with engine for further info.

10w30, both gear and crank case: Honda and Lifan.

43 or 44ft depending on hoist. Max of five 8ft tracks, units come with 3, so they can only add 2 more. 60005 telescopic support brace for over 28ft required. Hoists come equipped with enough cable to go up to the Max height. The TP series will go to 44 ft max.

In 2008 we went to a “Quick Change” drum on the LH2000, LH200 and the LH400. The side of the base sections have a bright yellow sticker identifying the “Quick Change” drum. The quick change drum for the LH200/2000 (48493X) is 14.53 inches wide, the old drum is 15.875 inches (48508X). The TP250 and TP400 uses the quick change drum.

The electric 1hp Leeson uses 110 v: 12.8 amps, 240 watts 150 min.

The platform Hoist brake is automatically activated, do not use the brake handle while pressing on the foot pedal. Please consult the Platform Hoist manual for instructions on proper use.

The 60005 support brace may be used on all TranzSporter platform hoists (LH and TP series). The max height is 43 or 44ft, when using extra tracks over 28ft, one 60005 is required.

The TP250 and TP400 use track part number 10091. Previous LH series 200 lb models used the same 10091, however the 400 pound “LH” series used a wider track.

The collapsible carriage started shipping January 2012, these will not work with the older style carriage (48480). The Collapsible Base and Carriage are not compatible with the previous version. Do not mix the carriages and bases! The 48480 must be used on 62001, 62000 and 48490. The New TP250 carriage and base are compatible with the collapsible carriage models.

For warranty, call 866-471- 7464. The customer will be prompted to press #1 for warranty. They will need the Serial Number before they can get anything serviced or replaced.

The TP series uses the same track sections as the previous versions of the LH200/2000 (#10091). However there is no compatibility between the LH400/4000 and the new TP400. The TP250 components are interchangeable with the 2 nd generation TranzSporter LH200 and LH2000 collapsible carriage version. The original solid carriage (welded frame) hoist is not compatible with all later models.


Yes, the track sections have never been revised in the set up and is interchangeable with both newer and older models of that hoist. LH200/2000 use a different track than the LH400 For dimensional differences see above. The TP 250 and TP400 now use the same track section (10091).

For parts and warranty information contact Lifan at #866-471-7464.

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(404) 344-0000 Ext. 1543

Jeff Spencer

Roofing and Safety
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