Roofing Division Products Tear Off Tools

Stripzilla Shingle Removers
  • Dual action head for quick shingle and nail removal.
  • Head size is 7″x7″, made from hi-tensile steel.
  • Available with “D” handle or straight hardwood handle.

D Handle Stripzilla 70619
Long Handle Stripzilla 70626

Shingle Removers
  • Ergonomic rugged steel tear-off tools for the removal of asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and underlayments.
  • Vinyl grip handle for improved hand comfort.
  • Teeth are heat tempered for longer life.
  • Four sizes available, choose shorter lengths for hard to reach areas and steep roof pitches.
  • All Shingle Removers are 4 per master carton.

21-1/2″ Shingle Remover 13825
47-1/2″ Shingle Remover 13827
54″ Shingle Remover 13828

Roof Rippers
  • Designed to aggressively remove asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and underlayments with ease.
  • Serrated tempered steel blades allow for efficient nail and shingle removal.
  • Heavy-duty steel handle is oval shaped, allowing better grip during shingle removal.
  • Blade and skid plate are replaceable for longer tool life.
  • Rippers are available in two sizes, making shingle removal a breeze at any roof pitch.

27.5″ Model – 4 per master carton Part #13830
47.5″ Model – 4 per master carton Part #13831

Replacement blade, heel, nuts and bolts
6 per master carton Part #13832

Roofers Spades

A favorite with roofers, these tear-off spades have a face size of 7″x 11″ and feature an extra wide heel 6″ x 9″. Overall length is 61″. All Roofers Spades are 6 per master carton.

Roofers Spade with Steel Handle: Strong and dependable steel handle.
Roofers Spade with Fiberglass Handle: Lightweight with a solid core fiberglass handle.

Serrated edges are available in both fiberglass and steel handles.

Roofers Spade with wide heel and Steel Handle Part #13872
Roofers Spade with wide heel Solid Core Fiberglass Handle Part #13873
Serrated Roofers Spade with wide heel Steel Handle Part #13874
Serrated Roofers Spade with wide Solid Core Fiberglass Handle Part #13875

Coal Shovel/Scoop

Large steel scoop with fiberglass handle is ideal for removing roofing debris. Scoop is 14″ deep and 13″ tall, overall length of tool is 36-1/2″. 6 per master carton.

Shovel with Straight Handle
Part #13869

Shovel with “D” Handle
Part #13870


Roofers Pitch Fork

Heavy-duty, strong T-steel handle meets any demanding tear-off job. Times are 11-1/2″ long with 7″ head width. Overall length is 41″. 6 per master carton.

Part #13871

Mattock Axe

5 lb. Mattock Axe with fiberglass handle.

  • Forged steel head
  • Lightweight heavy-duty fiberglass handle
  • 6 per master carton

Part #13810


Custom Manufacturing

We can make any custom product you need

State of the art CNC and robotic welding equipment ensure that our ability to create and innovate is never limited by a lack of manufacturing technology.

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