Roofing Division Products Spud Bars

Spud Bars
  • Heavy-duty steel tube design. Ideal for removing old roofing, mopped down trouble spots, slag as well as gravel, and eliminating fasteners.
  • Blades are replaceable (bolt-on) and made with hardened steel for a longer life.
  • Spud Bars are available with either 3-1/2″ or 7″ blades. Knob Handle Spud Bar overall length is 54-1/2″.
  • The Spud Bar comes with one blade.
  • All Spud Bars are 6 per master carton.

3-1/2″ Blade with Knob Handle 13816
7″ Blade with Knob Handle 13818
3-1/2″ Replacment Blade 13819
7″ Replacment Blade 13820


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