Roofing Division Products Parapet Guardrail

Parapet Wall and Universal Guardrail System
  • Adjustable and easy to use guardrail system for parapet walls and floor slabs. Unique tubular design allows for easier placement and installation.
  • Adjustable rail brackets for easy and fast attachment of 2 x 4’s.
  • By inverting the compression base, you can use as a universal guardrail for exposed floors, walkways, decks or wherever you need a fall protection system.
  • Maximum spacing of 8′.
  • Complies with OSHA standards.
  • Comes with toe board bracket installed.
  • 2 per master carton.

Part #65015

Parapet Wall & Universal Guardrail System #65015- Installation & Assembly Instructions​

Warning: Read and follow instructions. Using this product incorrectly could result in personal injury or death. Consult local, State, and Federal OSHA regulations prior to use. Pre-test 2 x4’s for 200 lb. load requirement prior to use. If the Convertible Stanchion is damaged in any manner, DO NOT USE – Replace.


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