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The TranzVolt by Tie Down is the only modular battery powered roofing hoist available.  Quickly and easily carry shingles, solar panels, tools, and much more in a matter of seconds!.

  •  he wireless remote control system allows the operator to stand safely away from the load during operation.
  • The TranzVolt system can lift at speeds up to 2 feet-per-second, making it the fastest electric hoist on the market.
  •  The all-electric power train system delivers consistent, maintenance free operation. Eco friendly. Zero emissions. No gas or oil required.
  •  Simple, tool-free setup gets you up and running in under
  • 5 minutes.
  • Can carry up to 250 pounds per load.
  • Climbs 2 stories in 15 seconds!
The TranzVolt is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.!

Roofing Platform KIT
Part #40650

Solar Panel Platform KIT
Part # 40651

Ladder Roof Hook

Quickly and safely access steep roofs. Attaches to the top two rungs of any ladder or extension ladder.

  • Simply roll/slide the ladder past the roof peak and turn over, the hook secures to the opposite side of the roof peak.
  • Features: Rubber Grip T-bar to prevent damage to shingles and metal roofs;
  • Yellow Zinc plated steel for longer life.
  • Two ladder hooks recommended for each ladder.
  • 8 per master carton.

Hook with Wheel
Part #65005

Hook without Wheel
Part #65013

Ladder Stabilizer
  • Provides stability when working on corners and may also be used on flat surfaces.
  • Fits aluminum ladders of all duty ratings.
  • Stand-off is 18″ on flat surfaces.
  • Comes with rubber caps and hardware.
  • Made with lightweight aluminum.
  • Assembly required.
  • 1 per carton.

Part #48586

Ladder Stabilizers

Ladder Stabilizers
Part #65025
48″ fixed span with 12″ stand-off. Comes with all hardware and rubber caps. Desirable 12″ stand-off is ideal for roofing, painting, and siding. 1 per carton.

Replacement End Caps
Part #65026
2 pack for 65025 and 48586 RoofZone Stabilizers. Fits on any 1.5″ outside dimension tube.
5 (pair) per master carton.

Ladder Stabilizers
  • Helps prevent costly gutter damage when placed directly on roof.
  • The Ladder Stabilizer may be used with standard extension ladders for greater stability and safety.
  • Assembly required.
  • 4 per master carton.

Part #48589

Stand Off Stabilizer
  • This unique stabilizer attaches exclusively to the TranzSporter TP series platform hoist track, allowing proper stand-off from roof and gutter.
  • Helps prevent costly gutter damage when placed directly on roof.
    Assembly required.
  • 4 per master carton.

Part #48599

Ladder and Hoist Anchor
  • Improve job site safety by securing extension ladders and TranzSporter track sections using the RoofZone Ladder Anchor.
  • Prevents extension ladders and track sections from lateral or side to side movement.
  • 2 straps per package
  • 36 packages per master carton.

Part #13809


Custom Manufacturing

We can make any custom product you need

State of the art CNC and robotic welding equipment ensure that our ability to create and innovate is never limited by a lack of manufacturing technology.

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