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Tie Down Resources

Safety and Roofing

We provide all kinds of construction and building services and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take challenges and bring them to a conclusion.

Safety and Roofing Catalogs

Fall Protection and Safety Catalog (36 pages)
Residential Roofing Catalog (24 pages)
Alsipercha Overhead Fall Arrest (16 pages)
FallProTec – Height Safety Products (72 pages)

Roofing & Safety Sales FLyers

Fall Protection Points (CRA’s, Seam Anchors & HitchClip)
Penetrator Fall Protection
Portable Wash Stations
Skylight Screens
TranzSporter Lift Hoist
TranzVolt Cordless Lift Hoist
Universal Guardrails


Penetrator Fall Protection Manuals

Penetrator Operations Manual (2020 Model)
Penetrator Assembly and Parts Manual (2020 Model)
Penetrator Operations Manual (English)
Penetrator Operations Manual (Spanish)
Penetrator 2+2 Operations Manual #40640
Penetrator 2+2 Parts Detail List, #40640
Penetrator 2+2 Operations Manual #60050 (2020 Model)
Penetrator 2+2 Parts Details List, #60050


Residential & Commercial Fall Protection

Parapet Wall and Guardrail System, #65015
Rake Edge Bracket, #65023
Steep Slope Guardrail, #65014


Commercial Roof Anchors

Commercial Roof Anchor (All)
4 Way Anchor Point Instructions #65080
Ratel Anchor Instruction Manual

Wedgie Pad Instructions

Super Wedgie, #48576
Wedgie Pad and Wedgie Pad Jr., #48578/48577
Wedgie, #48579

Wall Jack Instructions

Wall Jack Operating Instructions


Corner Stabilizer, #48586
Ladder Stabilizer, #48589
Ladder Stabilizer, #65025
TranzSporter Stand Off, #48599

Roofing & Safety Data Sheets

Alsipercha Fall Protection
Alupercha Fall Protection
Commercial Roof Anchor #48601
Commercial Roof Anchors #48600 & 48591
FAQ: CRA vs. California Tie-Back Anchors
Guardrails and Zip Base
Guardrail Wind Load Analysis
Permanent Warning Line
Power Tower
Bigfoot Fall Protection
Hand Sanitizer Station
Commercial Ladder Dock
Skycage Pedestrian Rails
Parapet Anchor

Guardrails & Warning Line Systems Manuals

EZ-Stor Warning Line System, #65016
EZ-Stor Declartion of Conformity
Guardrails – Declaration of Conformity
Guardrail TranzCart Instructions
Juggernaut Mobile Guardrail Cart
SkyCage Perimeter Rail System
Tri Leg Folding Warning Line System, #65017
Tri-Leg Declaration of Conformity
Universal Guardrail Fall Protection Instructions
Warning Line System, #65003/65002
Warning Line System, Galvanized, #65001
Zip Rail Fall Protection System #70736
Zip Rail Gravel Stop Protection System #70755
Zip Rail Product Warranty


TranzVolt Lift Hoist Manuals

TranzVolt “Before You Begin” Unpacking
TranzVolt Lift Hoist Instructions
Tranzvolt Video Tutorials


TranzSporter Lift Hoist Manuals

Hoist Parts Details for TP Series Models
Solar/ Plywood Panel Accessory Owners Manual
Support Brace Instructions
TP250/400 Carriage Assembly Instructions
TP250/400 Owners Manuals
TP250/400 Safe Operating Instructions (English & Spanish)
Engine Placement Diagram for TP 250/400
Honda Engine Warranty
Honda Motor Manual for GX120 Engines
Lifan Engine Parts Manual (2015)
Lifan Gas Engine “EPA” Parts Manual
Lifan Gas Engine Owner Manual
Lifan Gas Engine Quick Start Manual

Roof Zone Instructions

Ladder Hook with Wheel #65005
Ladder Hook Testing Information
Shingle Shaper #13806


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