Technical Service Bulletins

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Washers on safety cables or chains must be larger than the outside diameter of cable loop or chain link. Please follow and like us:

When pulling a trailer for the first time, or after it has been stored for a extended period of time, please check the wheels for “Lot Lock”. This condition can cause the tires to skid on an empty trailer due to lack of a boat or other weight. This is common at auto dealerships where […]

Drum brakes for trailers sold by Tie Down Engineering and other axle suppliers are not self-adjusting. This requires that the brakes are checked and adjusted on a regular basis. Please follow and like us:

Tie Down Engineering recommends a preventative maintenance program that includes the brake fluid being changed every 12 months for marine trailers. The brake fluid should be changed at a minimum every two years for marine trailers and three years for utility trailers. Please follow and like us:

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